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"Allow yourself to see what you don't allow yourself to see"

~ Milton Erickson

Hypnotherapy can eliminate negative behaviour and beliefs to bring positive changes in clients suffering from various health conditions and bring relief from their symptoms. I can help you with a wide range conditions such as,

Anxiety and Stress 


Panic Attacks





Weight Loss and Eating Disorders

Fears and Phobias

Sleep Difficulties

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Low Self-Esteem


Confidence Building

Negative Beliefs

Public Speaking

Pain Management

Stop Smoking

Reduce/ Eliminate Alcohol Consumption

Trauma/ PTSD

Online Therapy

In a post COVID world, online hypnosis is available to everyone no matter where you live. My online sessions can enable you to get the help you need from wherever you are. Additionally, online sessions can be tailored within the comfort of your own familiar environment


As long as you have a strong internet connection, a quiet place for you to relax without any disturbance, online therapy is equally effective.


If you are interested in having an online session, we will start with a 20 mins free consultation where we will discuss your issue, how online therapy will work and whether or not online treatment is appropriate to work on your issue. 

I use Zoom and Skype for online sessions.

What to Expect 

Initial Free Consultation

This is all about understanding your needs, concerns and expectations from the session. I offer 20 mins free Initial Consultation which can be done either on phone or video call. You can clarify any doubts around Hypnotherapy before deciding whether you would like to proceed ahead.

First Session

If you're considering hypnotherapy, your journey begins with the first session where we discuss more in depth about what your issue is, what you want to achieve from the session and by when you see yourself reaching your goal. I will then devise a unique treatment plan specific to your requirements which will be most successful in bringing positive change. 

First session can lasts up to 90 mins as this session is all about getting information, knowing each other followed by a deep relaxation through hypnosis. Remember, Hypnosis isn't about controlling your mind. Throughout the session you will be in control and I will only facilitate you into deep relaxation. 

Subsequent Sessions

All subsequent sessions will last approximately 60 mins. At the end of every session, you may have some techniques to go away with and practice, some handouts or free audio recording.

Hypnotherapy is not something that will quickly fix your problems, change will happen gradually. Results vary from person to person.

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